Year of the Rabbit – A Symbol of Hope

The Chinese astrological symbol of the coming new year is appropriate for Maui County, Hawaii and the nation: 2011 will be the Year of the Rabbit, to be celebrated on the new moon on February 3rd. Chinese tradition holds the rabbit as a symbol of hope, an amiable, sensitive, modest and merciful pet of the moon goddess Chang’e.

For hope in our community, we need look no further than our children, who inspire us by their achievements, their adaptability, and their willingness to learn. In school, on the sports field, and in the community, we see them leading by example and setting the bar higher than ever. On environmental issues in particular, our youth are leading the way for sustainable solutions.

All of us can learn from the optimism of our children, and their tireless quest to understand the world around them. In the moments of their discoveries, we can celebrate with them, and experience the time-honored adage that “hope springs eternal”.

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