The Wonder of Space

The 2018 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS) had the largest attendance in its 19-year history. A program of the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB), AMOS brought together over 830 scientists, engineers and space experts from 22 countries, as well as a new EMER-GEN™ program for age 35 and under, to share research and Space Situational Awareness discoveries. The conference included policy forums, technical presentations, exhibits, short courses and networking events.

Additionally, during AMOS, 150 Maui STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) students and 15 teachers attended Space Exploration Day, where they participated in hands-on space-related experiments provided by the exhibitors.

‘Iokepa Meno, Lokelani Intermediate School STEMworks™ teacher said, “AMOS continues to amaze, awe, influence, and bring space- aimed dreams to Maui students. MEDB has invested in our island keiki with opportunities to become future leaders in the community and the world. This year, the AMOS exhibitors drew the students in and reminded them that they too belong to the global community. There is no other way to bring the heavens closer to the hearts and minds of our keiki than by showcasing the dreams and technological advances of the aerospace professionals and scientists.”

Lokelani student Donelle Rei Medina said, “I learned about different space-related jobs and how different companies help astronauts and satellites stay safe. I hope that other students can have the same experience that I had.”

Jennifer Suzuki, Maui Waena Intermediate School STEMworks™ advisor, added, “The AMOS Conference gave my students a glimpse at careers and opportunities that they may never have known about. They come away interested, inspired, and full of ideas.”

Izzy Hickman, Maui Waena 8th grader said, “I really enjoyed going to the AMOS Conference and learning about how even a small island like ours can have a big impact on the world by giving astronomers with eager minds a clear view of the skies.”

Excitedly, Chloe Virgino, Maui Waena 7th grader concluded, “After attending the AMOS Conference, I don’t know which is bigger, my dreams or outer space!”

Our hope with events like this is to reach as many students as possible, expose them to the unknown, and excite them to pursue a STEM career. Student Space Exploration Day planted seeds for future career choices.

Mapu Quitazol, Project Manager, MEDB Women in Technology

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