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Girls’ team extracts solution to seaweed invasion

A team of Molokai High School girls sought a solution to eradicating “the largest current threat” to Hawaii’s reefs and earned fourth-place in biochemistry at the 2015 INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA. The win on an international stage for 16-year-olds Kea’a Davis, Alexandria Simon and Amber “Momi” Afelin was impressive. “Science […]

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Pukalani Elementary pupils learn to enjoy science

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade at Pukalani Elementary School are enjoying, even getting excited about, science these days, according to Curriculum Coordinator Jasmine Domingo. So much so, that more than 100 of them have been engaging in extracurricular, school-sponsored science camps, in part because of financial assistance from the Maui Economic Development Board Ke […]

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Video Spotlights Maui's Vantage Point to Space

Maui and its dormant volcano, Haleakala, is providing a unique vantage point for scientists and astronomers to study and monitor all kinds of situations in space. That work is explained in a newly-released, short film called “Maui in Space.” Produced by Maui Economic Development Board, the video, according to physical scientist Dr. Stacie Williams of […]

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Retired Educator Learns Through Teaching

Retired teacher Ed Ginoza left the classroom 12 years ago, but continues to learn as a volunteer mentor and coach for high school students competing in math and science competitions. Ginoza served for nearly 30 years as a teacher, mostly at Maui High School where he taught math and science. Following his retirement, he stepped […]

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Community Involvement—A Key to Educational Success

If you have ever wondered what might happen if you mix together bright young minds, committed teachers and parents, and energetic community volunteers, then look no further than Molokai. Over the last few years, a transformation has been taking place on the island as teams of students have been winning awards and turning heads with […]

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