Patents: Adding Fuel to the Fire of Genius

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage Palo Alto patent attorney, Dr. Victoria Brewster, in an informal round table discussion on the ins and outs of securing a patent. The seminar will cover patent basics, including putting early safeguards in place to protect rights to your innovations; applying for a patent; devising a patent strategy; and building a portfolio to help your startup reach and exceed its business objectives.

A sampling of the topics to be covered includes:

  • What is a patent and what do I get with it
  • How to prepare and apply for a patent (process, timeline, cost)
  • What to expect during examination of a new patent application
  • Best practices for developing a patent strategy
  • Guidelines for building a portfolio
  • Common pitfalls that may affect intellectual property rights
  • And more!

Learn more and register at

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