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A Single Source of Energy

Clifford Nae’ole, Hawaiian cultural advisor for The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua, provided the cultural opening at the 8th annual Hawaii Energy Conference (HEC). This year, the HEC explored the theme Energy Transition in Hawaii: Focus on Investments in People and Projects. Presented by Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and supported by the County of Maui Office […]

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The 8th annual Hawaii Energy Conference explored the energy transition in Hawaii with a focus on investments in people and projects.. The 2021 theme provided discussions on how to invest responsibly while designing energy projects that are resilient, financially viable, and respectful to the community. The Molokai Clean Energy Hui (MCEH), an independent community-led group, […]

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Investing Respectfully in Hawaii

The 8th Hawaii Energy Conference (HEC) explored the energy transition in Hawaii with a focus on investment in people and projects. Presented by Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and supported by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, the annual conference, virtual this year, featured keynotes, panel discussions, interviews, networking, and exhibits. The conference addressed […]

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Maui Bees

In 2008, Mark and Leah Damon, owners of Maui Bees Incorporated in Kula, combined their shared passion for bees and wholesome organically grown food to create a joint farming venture,  including a farm stand to offer their grown-on-Maui products. The Damons’ commitment to their honey is second to none. They have always insisted on keeping […]

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2021 Hawaii Energy Conference – The Energy Transition in Hawaii

There are many ways to invest in the future of energy in Hawaii. It will take creativity and hard work from project developers; the community, including indigenous groups; regulators; and energy service providers to come up with projects that are acceptable for all concerned. Building trust and respect between stakeholders within the context of equitable […]

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Maui Rotarians Clean Ridge-to-Reef

Every year the Rotary Clubs in Hawaii have held ‘Rotarians-at-Work Day’ to coincide with the week of Earth Day. This year, Maui Rotarians, alongside community partners and volunteers, joined to pick up plastics and trash throughout the island. “Our goal was to pick up trash on the beaches, the shorelines, in parks and on trails,” […]

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Join Us for the 7th Hawaii Energy Conference

The Hawai’i Energy Conference brings together regional and national experts on energy policy, strategies, leadership and innovation. The 2020 Conference will explore the timely issues of beneficial electrification and the design of an equitable energy transition. Participants will take a deep dive into how electrification can be “beneficial”. As more functions are served by electricity, […]

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Christmas Wonder: The Overview Effect

It began 51 years ago. On Christmas Eve, 1968, the Apollo 8 astronauts, Air Force Col. Frank Borman, Navy Capt. James A. Lovell Jr., and Air Force Major William A. Anders, became the first humans to see the far side of the moon and the first to enter lunar orbit. They also became the first […]

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The Emerging Generation in Space

The 2nd annual EMER-GEN™ program, which preceded the 2019 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS), is a joint initiative of the AMOS Conference and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), for those age 18 to 35 who are enthusiastic about space careers. In 2018, Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) created the two-day […]

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Protecting the Space Environment

Maui resident Dr. T.S. Kelso has been tracking satellites for over 35 years. Kelso serves as a Senior Research Astrodynamicist and Space Data Center Operations Manager for the Center for Space Standards & Innovation at Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI). Throughout his career he has supported the space surveillance community by providing educational materials and data […]

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